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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Montessori at Midwinter

One of the characteristics of the Montessori community that I most treasure is our capacity to care for and support one another, to hold each other close. There is a tenderness to our professional relationships that provides both solace and strength in times of stress and uncertainty.

This, admittedly, is not always easy, in part due to our inherent differences, but also on account of the nature of the work: we approach our responsibilities with dedicated and committed passion, focused with singular attention on the needs of our children and our programs. This work is not easy, and the tenacity and humility required takes great courage and faith.

At times, we all can get caught-up, hooked by our own comforts, perceptions, and experiences and - catalyzed by fatigue - that may limit, for a time, our true potential and the possibilities of our collective partnerships. This is not a particular trait of who we are, or of our unique assemblage of hearts and minds; rather, it’s evidence of each of us working to understand the human experience and our own calling.

Through it all, there is a bond that unites us, a purpose and synchronicity to our community - united in spirit and service. In trial and change, it is our ability to breathe, reflect, and step progressively ever-forward together that speaks to our health, wisdom, and resilience. Fear not the challenges, for they are our greatest teachers.

Consider our work and, through it, its impact on the world. Reflect upon our days in service of our students, their families, and each other. Everything matters, even those seemingly little touches that could easily be left undone, and more easily forgotten. The subtleties of our care and concern for each other and those whom we serve is the measurable difference.

On this midwinter day, let us pause to celebrate our Montessori community and the roots of our strength. May the light of the new year's sun warm and sustain us, and serve as a gift of perspective and balance - reminding us of what is at stake: How precious are our populations? How prepared are our practices? How powerful are the possibilities?

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