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Sunday, October 29, 2017

On Stillness, Silence, and the Insight that Attends

I am interested in the space between things. Of beauty and majesty I am a devoted fan; it's what lingers within, however, that attracts me the most. 

What defines an experience? And, how does one explore the dimensions and value of each? 

As biological beings, we interact with our world and those sensorial moments define and shape our lives. We place these experiences in boxes of similarily-associated moments in our subconscious, and then gather these memories as tools for understanding our world, our lives, and our future possibilities. 

After all, what are we but ever-changing constellations of unique experiences - constantly making and remaking our selves, informed by the past, present, and potential?

Our souls are cavernous museums of such stories. The experiences we collect stand defined on separate plinths, and hung on the welcoming walls of our inner selves. 

As much as it is the art and artifacts collected therein that brings meaning to one's life, it is also the way the light plays throughout the hall, the quality and movement of the air, and the feel of the floor beneath our feet. There is an intimacy between the objects themselves and the space and energy that connects them. 

What is it like to travel through such a chamber of secrets? The making of one's self centers on the ability to return to the moments of the past, finding meaning and definition from the connections we can draw from and between them, as much as it pivots on the decisions we initiate each new day. 

We can navigate the space between by welcoming silence and stillness into our lives, and by opening ourselves to the insight that attends us. In pausing we welcome proximity, bringing the mystery and magic of our true selves into sharper focus. 

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