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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Who I Am, What I Do & Why I Do It


I am part of the Montessori movement to re-imagine and reform the education system. I envision something different for our children, families and communities – something beyond a model of education that values dissemination of knowledge over understanding, that confuses sameness with strength, and one that measures achievement only through solitary gains on yearly assessments. 

I believe that children are spirit-filled beings yearning to be empowered, that education is about freeing children to explore learning environments prepared with intention, and that we can create spaces where students can partner with teachers to set goals for their learning, get support when needed, and be provided the freedom to soar. In so doing students develop a powerful personal understanding of what they are studying, and build meaningful connections with their community, and the world. 

When our students authentically feel that they are cared for and appreciated they experience a profound connection that fosters the creation of meaningful relationships and a network of trust. Such bonding allows for risk-taking, deep learning, and new understandings of the universe and their place in it.

This approach to education in the 21st century provides children with an environment that meets timeless needs: a child’s need for respect, honor, time, purpose, choice, autonomy, challenge, practice, feedback, extension, more practice, mastery, and the chance to contribute. It also supports the development of the essential skills necessary for living a fully engaged life: empathy, collaboration, initiative, discipline, independence, self-advocacy, confidence, balance, leadership, and more.

With these ends in mind, we can design what the schools, classrooms and instructional strategies look like moving forward. It is about realizing the innate possibilities of each of the children before us, and accessing the resources we possess to actualize that dream.


The Montessori educational paradigm that I champion offers children great, impressionistic lessons that ignite curiosity and inspire questions. Through such opportunities, students learn to make connections and to see how the entirety of a concept relates to its parts, and back again. Students delve deeply into studies inspired by teacher-led lessons and ones of their own choosing. Projects generated from these engaged explorations are commonplace and enliven the classroom community.

One of the many beauties of this approach to education is the time afforded the children to truly “know”. Rushing from one topic to the next is patently avoided. As such, the space for profound understanding is fostered. Children stay with a work because they feel its significance. They form an intimate connection; that relationship resonates within them. This relationship is love.

This way of knowing comes from being genuinely part of what you are trying to understand. Through slowing down and learning to take their time, looking at the familiar from different perspectives, children deeply explore the questions and concepts before them. They are engaged with their studies, working with purpose.

The students in these environments are curious, self-confident, eager and energetic; that is, full of interest and intention. They are partners in directing their learning, engaging with curricula that are novel and meaningful and relevant – all with the support of compassionate and knowledgeable educators. 

By intentionally weaving together time, purpose and partnership we build a powerful platform from which our students can embrace their learning, explore their passions, and realize their responsibilities. 


A Montessori school can be an empowering community center where hearts and minds meet, are strengthened, and challenged to do more. It is the bridge between a child’s family and culture, and her society and the greater world. There - children, parents and staff work together to build a new locus for rich and conscious living.  

In my work as a teacher, department chair, instructional leader and dean I have built authentic learning environments that serve a diverse suite of learners through demonstrating the interconnectedness of it all. It is the conscious tying together of seemingly separate and linear curricula, through holistic academic partnerships, that provides an education with its most precious gift: the child’s ultimate awareness of the ecology of her experience.

I possess the creativity of an artist, the devotion of an alchemist, and the presence of an advocate. Education is meant to be an elegant dance of exploration – a symbiotic union of risk-taking and reflection. As an artist, I embody that thirst and quest for understanding. I share the alchemist’s resolute commitment and tireless faith. And as an advocate, I believe in the unbridled human potential for greatness.

I aim to do more; indeed, change the system – help to re-frame and re-create the world as we want it to be. I endeavor to empower children and staff to seek out knowledge, to ask questions, to challenge themselves, to love living – in short to see before them an unobstructed free horizon with nothing but possibility ahead.

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